Medium Good


Expectations of “Good” has always been a big factor when it comes to playing into Universe’s hands. I mean do you care if you’re not a saint. Do you are if you used to be. You may… but that would change should you one day were to descent equally as low and begetting evil, finding yourselves riding along side Genghis Khan & designing weapons for genocidal people such as Adolf Hitler.

“51 / 49” A monk said to me.
“51 percent good?” I asked back a little surprised, but in a way quite pleased.
“yes…” answered the monk who claimed to be a saint reborn.
“So what’s the maximum Good in a person now-a-days?” I asked.
“72%” he answered with confidence.
“And how many good people are in this world?” I queried again.
“6-8%… let’s say 7% that’s 420million out of some 6billion. Accurate for the down-cycle.”
“Wow!” I was stunned, surprised he mentioned down-cycle. “So what? Am I considered to be good?”
“Yes, medium good.” he replied. “The positive is suppressing the negative within you.”
“Well that’s what I like… Medium Good.”

In the hands of the Architect, good & bad are irrelevant, only the perpetuation of his little ant farm.


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