Heaven according to the texts is a Job’s dream. It is strictly consumer based, ie: you could only spend what you’ve accumulated on Earth. You’re also blocked from directly generating additional merits to extend your own life. Sure one day up there is a 100 years on Earth, one could say it’s an eternity, but time is relative. Like how long before I got bored with any Apple OS? 2 weeks. A day in heaven doesn’t feel much different to a day on Earth. That said, there is always a choice of jailbreaking. The only way to an elixir would be to hang around humans (preferably nice ones) like an angel over their shoulders and direct them to perform noble deeds in the hope that they’d radiate those life extending credits back at you and thus purchasing you more time. It’s a shot in the dark at best for many angels now-a-days.

“Beware. All concocted things disintegrate.” were the last words of the Buddha and these bells of impermanence ring especially loud for heaven. Armed with clairvoyance and communicating via thought images, an angel who glimpsed into the future and seen that in 7 days he would become a donkey or worse isn’t be a happy angel. It is a realm of suffering like the rest.


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