Contemplating Black Magic


Everyday, a Thai man while traveling to work faces bumper to bumper traffic inside of 20 traffic lights. Arriving at the office late after waging another war at the car park for him was the norm. That was until he tried Black Magic, and it works. Traffic was light, all lights magically turn green upon his approach, a parking spot was just there, so many times over that it became a spot he could call his own. This is one example Black Magic.

Now let’s contemplate. Consider the severe repercussion of forcing and manipulating Universal elements to leap the fiery hoops just for one person to fulfill his/her desires comes at a colossal price tag. This I have witnessed for myself in a Northern county of Mae Hong Son where Black Magic was widely practiced. Sure everyone smiles during the day and the place was filled with charm about it, but after the sun goes down those smiling people became “something” else. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. In the morning we heard common news like “two houses away from the temple a father splits son’s head in half with an axe.” Cheating karma by terminating a life that wasn’t due for termination, and vise versa triggers massive unbalance in Universe and since nothing is free, the cost in tilting things out of  balance shall be paid in full. And as one Universe becomes unbalanced, the whole of Superverse screams as it tries to keep up with the concocted karmic records. Imagine the repercussion of that.

In an era where people use their concentrating minds as weapons must have been rather scary. No wonder the caste of monks before the Buddha’s time were more powerful than Kings, but that didn’t mean that they were in to a better place while they were breathing nor after they passed away. Compassion, wisdom and equanimity are most paramount for spiritual practitioners.


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