Self Evaluation

The analytical mind occasionally churns to evaluate one’s progress of practice. Questions regarding equanimity of existence, happiness, health, restraint, doubt, rigidity, good vs evil or neither, etc…Does this ego know the right paths to freedom and why?
Is it happy practicing within those ranges of parameters?
Does it accept & love itself in entirety or does it still care about what others think?
Is it under any illusions that it is Enlightened or more realized than it is?
It is aware that these paths are mere tools or is it attached to the path?
How are its views on Deathlessness, Perfection and Karma?
Does it realize that it cannot judge anyone or anything and why?
Does it still swing into extremes and have those extremes cooled towards the Middle?
Is it true to its faults or does it still keep masks in the closet?
Does it possess the right point of view?
How much of the above does it put into practice?


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