The following was exchanged under a fun context. Two monks discussing viewpoints while giving massage to their master.

“Astrology isn’t Dhamma!” Said monk A.

“Okay I give up, you’re right” replied monk B, “however” he continued after clearing throat, “should anicca, dukha & anatta be forever present in every Universal equation… Don’t you think anybody including a blind monkey should be able to find these truths from any which direction of viewpoint? And FYI, it isn’t just astrology, there are balance, perfection, acceptance, loving ppl for who they are, equanimity, plus heaps more!”

“Stop trying to justify yoursef.” Monk A argued.

The master looking left and right at the two arguing monks like an audience watching a tennis match.

“You know the old saying, judge a person and end up saying very little about him, but saying heaps more about yourself. How long have you known me? Have you known me for more than a hundred lifetimes?”

“One week!”

“Excellent! You’re officially off the eligible judgment list.” Said monk B then giggled satisfyingly.

“Haha Hahaaahaa!” Master laughed out loud.

Monk A laughed too.


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