Rigidity and its Prize of Sight

Rigidity comes with a price… a highly disciplined monk spoke of how he often got into quarrels with so many others regarding their precepts. Mahayana and northern Thai monks for example will eat 3 meals a day and he forever had great issues against them.

“This isn’t a competition!” said a senior monk sitting close by. “Your job is to see to it that your mind is free from anger and other burdens. Leave the world alone and pierce inwards at your own demons.”


2 Responses to “Rigidity and its Prize of Sight”

  1. li mei Says:

    Hi. Phra mick. Very very happy Received your mail and had sms you through hp on your birthday. May you be well and. Happy always. Still working hard to open the heart.

    • Oh lord! Li Mei! I’ve missed you, where have you been darl? Can you gimme your email address so I can write you? Thanks for the birthday wishes, I’ve been growing older and slower… not much less crazy than i was before, but toned down version that’s for sure. I think i’ve changed my phone number since i forwarded you the card darl, could you gimme your new phone number in the email also? Thanks, and sorry for asking heaps of questions all at once. Hehehehhe, i’m very excited as you can see :’D

      Talk to you soon.


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