Desire Endless


Upon his visit to the formula breeder, the farmer was greeted by several deafening wake up calls of roosters out front. He grinned with admiration seeing how many healthy roosters the place has.

“Can I help you sir?” asked the sales person.
“Yes you can!” the farmer answered. “Our farm has 150 or so hens with no roosters and I was hoping to acquire some!”
“No roosters? … At all?” the man asked looking surprised.
“Nope! Our last guy just died yesterday” said the farmer. “And I was hoping to get about 10 roosters from you.”
“Ten!???” the man asked face twisted, looking even more surprised.
“Why? is that not enough?” he asked.
The sales person chuckled, then answered “These are top formula breeders sir, just one rooster will do plenty.”
Looking perplexed, the farmer asked the man slowly “A.r.e  y.o.u  s.u.r.e?”
“Trust me sir.” replied the sales person. “Now let me introduce you to our top guy, Roost.”

The brand spanking new rooster arrived on the farm at 3pm that same day and raced off into the hen’s den. Meanwhile the farmer went inside the house to help his wife prepare their dinner. While she was cutting up some vegetables, he told her about his day in town and that chicken formula breeder guy he met. Her reply to him was “Just wait and see dear.” By 4pm, as their stew was coming along, giving off an appetizing aroma, it started as one-by-one, the hens shrieked, flapped their wings and jumped up and down as if a devious sex predator was let lose inside their den.

“Already?” shouted the farmer, looking completely stunned. “So soon? Trouble in the den, trouble in the den!”
“Let him do his work dear.” said his wife.

By sundown at 6pm, the time the family finished their dinner, the hen’s den became quiet. Things settled down and it seemed that Roost had done his job. But as the various cleaning of the kitchen took place and the dish washer began to whir, they heard more screams… this time coming from the duck’s farm. There were 50 or so ducks in that farm that were female, and one-by-one they started hopping and shaking off what appeared to be the silhouette of sexual lunatic of a rooster. The farmer sighed… “Top breeder hard at work I see. I hope he doesn’t kill himself tomorrow.”

Later… tucking themselves into bed, his wife reading her favorite novel, the screaming ducks settled and the farmer and his wife felt relieved. “Well, that’s that I guess.” said the wife. “Hahaha…” replied the farmer. “I think he…!” But before our farmer could finish his sentence, it was the swans’ turn to shriek.

“Oh God, he’s chasing the bloody swans now!”
“How did he jump those fences?” the wife asked slapping down her book.
“He’s a chicken dear, they fly!”
The farmer witnessed in horror as the formula mayhem jumped from one swan to the next. “That little fella is gonna exhaust himself out and die tomorra. I’m bloody certain of it!”

And sure enough… upon the farmer’s inspection next morning his rooster was dead laying gob smacked in the middle of the dirt road. But as he approached the carcass of Roost… “Shhhh….” said the rooster “back away man! The sexy mama vulture is watching!”


Although Desires possess characteristics of wanting to end, to satisfy itself, but on the contrary, it is absolutely endless. It transitions and changes going from one form of attachment to another, and sometimes even to the weird.



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