Balance finds its way

Balance finds its way…
The walls of fear that people build to defend their own egos and prides can sometimes be thick and high as mighty. Little do they know how much it restricts them from communication with others, from expressions of l

ove, happiness and their own true potential as a human being. Most importantly, and this is from experience… I became this wall once, for 28 years I projected my vengeance, anger, greed, pride, ego, fear and selfishness on this high wall- (highway patrol cop’s style) for all to see and hear, believing that it was gonna save me. But in the end, it nearly cost me my life and I spent years after that tearing it down.

Now back to the heading… Although i consider my states of existence for the past 2 years to be like heaven. Karma really finds its mark no matter what level of heaven you might be in. I look at this 23 year old kid and it is like looking at myself in the mirror. If you wanna see what kinda PRI*K I used to be like, come visit me and I’ll introduce you to Mr. Scared Shirtless 4000.


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