Her last words…

Do you want to save this world? You can try!
See… in the past 12years the human population increased by 1 billion worldwide. 1b in 12 years?! Wow… and the next billion or so of us is gonna hit the streets in just a few years time. Imagine the war on food, water, oxygen, shelters, supplies, spaces, unemployment, etc… there are more of us today than there is land. And this is the degradation era, we ain’t getting any better ethically, or any smarter, in fact quite the opposite. And death via natural selection such as WW-III is non existent. The question is who’s going to balance this equation?

This isn’t the first that monkeys will play with strings until they get knotted up beyond repairs. And it isn’t the last time that they’ll hang themselves with it. It is clearly written that by the end of every down-cycle, Mother Nature will have her final say.

Can you do any better than her? I’m gonna go with ‘no’.


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