The funny thing about fate is it’s a bit like me. I like to annoy certain people, and as soon as I find reactions coming from my annoyees, it becomes even more pleasurable to annoy them some more. And people would try to evade being annoyed, just as they would attempt in vain to avoid fate, but it is of no avail, in fact, they trigger the next wave of annoyance, just as they would run into the fate a lot quicker than before.

Therefore the best action when you’re told your fate is to become a wall so to speak, Universe finds it not that fun to annoy brick walls after all.


2 Responses to “Fate…”

  1. This is a nice presentation of life behaviour. I think its something really common and nowdays, has become very often to see so many problems coming from people who think that being negative is better then positive.

    • My intentions are quite clear, It’s not for me. I’m annoying them to help them see themselves. I sometimes explain my method of madness, however zen is best when served cold. Cringed faced negative people are on my top list to be subjected to annoyance. Should prolonged annoyance drive them towards insanity, then I would stop early, diverting back to an understanding that they’re doing their cringed-face job correctly. Universal Balance dictates that all beings have jobs to perform; that negative & low capacity people are to be thanked for, for they sacrifice themselves so that others could have higher capacity of knowledge, so that good people can exist. A view beyond good/bad, black/white, right/wrong is needed before attempting any of these annoying tasks. 🙂

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