Gettin’ Old…

Getting old… now 3rd day fasting feels like death 😦


One Response to “Gettin’ Old…”

  1. Yep! Death isn’t but a word, there are things far worse.
    8 years ago, the stomach would stop churning on the 5th day of fasting, becoming cold, hard and returning massive energies back to the body, and so by the 7th day the body would possess more strength any superman… 3 years ago however that all changed, it would take 9 days for the fertilizer factory to stop, coupled with a hyper heart rate. Can’t trust nor depend on this body anymore. That’s one good realization.

    Meditation still great… mindfulness not so much but when it eventually scores, it scores big.

    The 2nd day I started fasting this time round, the monks went on alms round walking 11km from Bonnyrigg to Cabramatta on foot. I was okay then. But I’m gonna see if I can do it again on my last day of fasting. It’s good to see the limits of what this body can do 🙂

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