Stunned at the crazy…

Stunned! A group of office staff stood scratching their heads perplexed at a crazy monk’s attempt to operate the paper folding machine. Watching him jumping up and down cursing after getting zapped and later pedantically figuring out various methods of earthing himself as well as the machine’s folding mechanisms.

The machine produces a truck load of static electricity you see, instead of the papers flying out, they tend to just hang there as if magnetically attracted to the dispensing tray’s end. And then there’s the jamming issues of the papers, plus the dispensing system was non existent. Everyone who operated it kept having to wait their hands at the dispenser and receiving the royal zap by the statically charged papers coming out. Some would carry the charge and then zap other office workers as they walked passed them.

“What are you doing?” One man asked annoyingly.

“Hey that’s how my freakin’ brain works okay?” I snapped back an answer then calmed myself down. “Look dude, you can ask me to do a job and I’ll do it, just never the way you expect me to. Remember that time I told you the secret of racing a car through gigantic speed humps at 120km/hr and not end up on somebody’s house roof? Well that’s what I’m doing here. I reinvent myself with every task. Now we gotta fold another 10,000 so shut up and get on with it.”

After 1 hour, the machine purred like a happy kitten. No more getting zapped, jamming or paper dispensing issues. A seasoned monk waltzed in and said “Watch out, that thing zapped my arm numb for a week!”

“Well touch it now…” I said.


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