Angry Concept

I once sat down with a group of people at Solar Springs, Bundanoon. An off-duty police woman was also in the crowd. Hearing the stories of my naughty past, she spoke up in an angry voice and recommended I be put in prison. She was there to relax, but because of me it wasn’t so.

“What is the law?” I asked.
“It’s a…. concept.” she replied.
“A concept based on what?” I asked.
“A… errr”
“The law is a conceptualization based on Fear and Greed which deviate accordingly to places and time, and points of view of the majority. It has nothing to do with right and wrong. Am I right?” I asked.
“Errrr yea.”
“So what about the people you put into this Criminal University so called Prison? What did you do to help them?” I asked.

Anyway… I had to shut up as she threatened to arrest me again.

A lot of things in life don’t make sense because we attempt to apply rules to them 🙂


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