The Trial

An angry girl wanted to see if she could pass her Dhamma trials, so she requested the masters to test her. Over the period of one month, she observed that her masters have changed their own codes of conduct. They had become greedy, selfish and degenerate. Acts which contradict their behaviors in every way and troubling her minds heavily. Thoughts of anger began to cloud her day by day, until one fateful day, her outburst could no longer be contained. She exploded ballisticall

y unleashing flames of hell upon the masters and everybody nearby.

“Minus F” said one master.
“Meah… just F” said the second one.
“I failed?” asked the girl as she paused to remember “Yes I forgot I did asked to be tested.”

Months progressed, the masters returned to their old selves and she had reflected well on her failures. She approached one of the masters “I realize this now… An angry person has the narrowest point of view.” She said “I was most selfish.” The masters smiled.

“So what is the right point of view master?” She asked.
“It’s a theater darling…” replied the master “What point of view would you want a theater to have?”


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