Working on knowing…

On a good day, Mindfulness catches around 65% of mental traffic. It automatically rewinds when it just missed something to memorize & learn the nature of what had just passed. The rewinding function is then known. It does not become frustrated if it missed things entirely. But it registered that it did. A lot of times, it focuses at the eyes, but not the images the eyes see. Mind traffic happens at the brain area so the focus retracts when thoughts pull me and it knows, when visual projections sends out to object/people/etc… and the mind is put to interactive work it knows but not so well. When there is no traffic in the mind, Mindfulness is tied back to the breath, knowing there is always change, keeping its stillness at a perfect depth with bliss feeding contentment… and it recognizes the blissful pleasures quickly. Occasionally it reflects how it likes doing what it does. Long term interactions with others or watching celluloid declines the practice and it steers away.

That other missing 35% of thought traffic can only be known beyond complete stillness… still working on that 🙂


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