Mass Effect 3 Ending…

Everyone and everything in Universe has a job,
And every job exists under a management.

Woven, all connected in an intricate web of actional balance,
from great beings sporadically heading for corruption,
and her (Universe’s) resolution to deal with those corrupted…
until a RESET is eventually the answer.

It had been like this forever…
And isn’t something anyone could ever change.

One the bright side, energy can’t be destroyed and none ever dies
One either becomes, exists and perform one’s job under her balance…
Or leave the cycles of existence altogether
That is what the wisest of people would tell you.

After careful contemplation…
Mass Effect 3 ended very beautifully.


One Response to “Mass Effect 3 Ending…”

  1. Had a question… how can everything be nested under managements? Some may claim to be loners, out to do their own thing, disassociated from everyone else.

    A: But there exists no such singular force.

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