So I have heard…
“Once on a long walk, I came upon a village” said our master… “All smiles from villagers as I informed them of my stay in the forest nearby. Traditional Northern Thai villagers were thankful for the effort of tudonga (long walking) Bhikkhus and would offer food in their alms bowl every morning.
One villager spoke up “Luongpo… this village already has an Arahant in the upper cave!”
“An Arahant! Really?” asked our master in surprise.
“Yes but we hardly ever see him. He arrived a month ago, came down a few times for morning alms, but he’s mostly absent the rest of the time. We would like to hear his teachings. Could you please ask him to come down and meet us?”
“Sure… I will find him and let him know.” said our master.

Later that day, our master monk ventured up hill to meet said Arahant in his cave. Seeing an absolute cleanliness & tidy surroundings of the cave floors with a Bhikkhu meditating in absolute silent. His bowl washed and packed nice & tidy, his meditation cushion shined with braids and knitted gold beads. Our master’s first impression was astonishing.

Slowly, as the footsteps approached, the Arahant opened his eyes. “What business have you?” he asked.
“Hello Senior Bhikkhu” said our master “The village people below asked me to pass you their message.”
A: “What is it?”
O: “They would like to see you sir… they long for your enlightened teachings”
A: “No!”
O: “Why not sir?”
A: “Because those people stink!”
O: Whoa!
A: … … …
O: “So what could we do to help you with that sir?”
A: “Tell them to get me some Halls Mint!”
O: “Okay sir… I’ll tell them that.”

As the Arahant went back to his meditation, our master returned to the villagers below “He said you need to get him some of that Halls Mint because you stink.”
V: Whoa!
O: “Yes, Halls Mints. Bring a truck load.”
V: “Why would an Arahant say suck a thing? :S”
O: “That’s because he’s an Ara-Halls!”


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