My bad habits

Monk 63: hi
Monk 00: how many Rains sir?
Monk 63: 21
Monk 00: 21? wow you look only 30 of age! how? When did you start?
Monk 63: very young. My two other friends the same too. One is 23, the other is 29. Their parents very proud.
Monk 00: aahha… So none of you have lived nor experience life, you never had to pay bills, never been anyone’s boss, never learned to work under others, never experienced the pressures of employments and family, never been forced to perform, never slept with women, never explored your own desires nor gotten hurt by them, never seen how far your ego could rise, never known how low you could fall, never had it all and lost the lot and never EEE…EVER felt suffering of the living? How can you understand life the way others see it? How can you ever teach anyone?
Monk 63: I am Buddhist. I do not talk dirty things, sex like you!
Monk 00: were your mother & father Buddhists too?
Monk 63: yes
Monk 00: well they’ve had to screw to make YOU wouldn’t they? Being a Buddhist doesn’t mean you go on acting innocent…
Monk 63: …walk away and gossip about Monk 00 to his friends in their own language.
Monk00: proceeded to annoy his best friend Monk 66.

Note: What’s with all the numbers?
The number indicator indicates their level of annoyness.



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