Life’s questions…

Ask yourself while having lived this life…

Of all the names of spiritual brand(s) you’ve been brought up with and become attached to, their believes and values, their various discussions of creator or none, their strict or unorthodoxical paths of practice, the money you’ve earned and spent within said organizations, etc..

– Did any of it have anything to do with the Truth?
– Has it instead of freedom, become a prison for your mind?
– Have they ever told you that Truth has no names and its fruits of Freedom is beyond any spiritual language of their organization?

2 Responses to “Life’s questions…”

  1. On truth.
    Truth is knowledge dependent .
    Incapable of knowing the truth
    we live a life of dreams and believes.
    There is no one able to write
    the last chapter of our dreams. E. 21/12/2011

  2. 34. We Think
    Illusions all
    in search for truth not seen.
    Perceptions come and go
    a constant river flow
    that is perceived as time.
    Believes arise
    like spiders binding webs
    entrapped our minds
    we struggle ceaselessly
    within our time bound to illusions
    thoughts unreal
    in search of truth
    unknown, unseen.
    E. 21/12/2011

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