The Perfect Now

There was a time when peace reigned this world, when goddesses ruled, the land abundant & rich and far more of it than humans… when you could just sit on a piece of ground and called it your own without anyone to challenge you. And unlike the world today when it’s “Oh it’s another one of you again!”… We were happy to encounter another human being. There were no laws, as humans did not stack themselves on top of one another nor cheat one another. If there was this world… then the balance is our world today 🙂 Universe is perfect.


2 Responses to “The Perfect Now”

  1. I sometimes emerge into a state of mind where living is a ballet, a continuous movement of grace…we are dancing and humming thru life, as it flows thru and about us, obstructions are part of the dance, to teach us new steps…it is, perhaps, the beginning of a state of no-self…certainly less attachment and aggravation!

    • Yes that’s the whole point I think. Like a boxer who knows thinking too much will get her killed, she boxes without any plans only reflexes and muscle memories. Very not-self indeed.

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