Events taking place during Thailand’s flood

Flash floods can occur in minutes… this isn’t an exaggeration.
As the weight of the water breaks through one of the man-made barriers, it seemingly flows into drains which at first appears safe to those living in the vicinity, but judging from the water levels in rivers and canals would give a false estimation in this case.  And although with warnings from various sources, danger doesn’t seem imminent to those living in the zones. In minutes however, the water fills up all connecting drains underground and rises above street levels, uprooting the most off, stale and contaminated liquids into homes.

As soon as this occurs, the authorities move in and immediately close off effected roads. Sometimes miles of it. Everything people took for granted will immediately be shut down. Electricity gets turned off due to danger of electrical shortages in homes and factories. Transportation is reduced to big/tall vehicles only, in some areas, they are reduced to none. The plentiful arrays of food stalls that one use to see in Asia all pack up and disappear, soon a radio message broadcasts informing people that their tap water is toxic and can’t be used for washing faces or brushing teeth. Boat services are closed as well, as water level in JaoPhraya River rose too high for them to cross under bridges.

At this point, no stocks are left in unaffected supermarkets, food supplies gone, drinking water is nil. In fact, bottled water and instant noodles disappeared from supermarket shelves a month ago. Those still unwilling to leave homes in effected areas are deemed “DEAD BUT DON’T YET REALIZE IT”. Not that they don’t wish to leave, some have no places to go, others have strong attachments to their possessions and many are worried about their pets.  There is no time to think or prepare, with services to no avail and no one around to lend a hand. The only thing on people’s minds is panic as the great arriving change feels too much for them to adapt.

Houses with two-stories and above may appear safer than others, however images on television showed water level covering twin-story house roofs and telegraph poles. Without surviving necessities to sustain the occupants, there is very little point of staying. Many times over, people left their homes too late. Several dogs hung themselves by their necks as they tried to follow their masters out the 2nd story window, only to find their ropes or chains were tied to an object. There have been reports of some children swimming and taken by crocodiles in JaoPhraya River, monks and novices have seen these visions either in their dreams or meditation. Snakes are of great concern as well in Bangkok as the city learns about its snake population prior to these disastrous events.

For many though, their areas aren’t effected yet and they still carry on with their lives as if nothing is happening. Lucky ones who may have come across several detailed prophecies may be able to estimate the levels of danger and prepare themselves in time, but karma has its own surprising ways as Universe throws a spanner into the spinning cogs of machines. Some may not be effected at all and some may not even grasp the situations of others to even care. Ironically, the governments aren’t telling people the truth about these situations, there had been plenty of “No flooding, you’re safe, don’t worry about it…” messages broadcasted in areas which are now totally lost with lives gone and occupants in great suffering. The media as usual, are of great help but at the same time of great concerns. Spins are put on stories to exaggerate the truth to fill up airtime and push those otherwise empty pages of newspaper. The danger is real and imminent, but scary thoughts won’t help people gather their mindfulness to combat disastrous situations or adapt to change.

The water will flow to the seas, diseases will come and go, but we will adapt, some will die and continue their journeys in various realms. But keep in minds that we are the owners of our karma. And this time, mother nature has spoken.

May all be well, happy and fill their wisdom with these invaluable experiences so that one day, we may all navigate towards the ultimate truth of Universe.

Phra Mick Ratanapanyo Bhikkhu


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