Suffering… Buddhist style

In the shoes of an Architect… how would one create an interesting and vibrant Universe? First of all make sure it does not remain constant. Things must be forced to advance into the next moments, to change or otherwise die. This mechanism where nothing can remain in one-state long also causes nano-second suffering (in Buddhist perspective to sit is to suffer, to not change posture is to suffer, to eat is to suffer, to not eat is to suffer, etc…) The paradoxical equation which mechanizes Universe IS the very same equation which creates Buddha.

2 Responses to “Suffering… Buddhist style”

  1. but still I wonder what buddha really thought about how this world was created and WHY. WHY WHY WHY. it frustrates me, the ‘why’ part

  2. This casino only dispenses nine types of addictive information, nothing more nothing less.

    These information are space-particles, eye, ear, nose, tongue, touch, thought, memory & feeling. With the conclusion being feeling. Each cycle, an Architect was elected by the players (us) to design, adjust, maintain and discontinue designs which contain flaws. Dinosaurs and Sabre-tooth for example had to go. The problem is nearly every player cannot remember electing an Architect in the first place. The reason for this memory loss has to do with karmic reflections, one must NOT remember otherwise they could cheat karma and tip Universe out of balance. Universe’s design would immediately fail.

    So should one make a note of their daily activity, every sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, thought and memory leading to feeling, they will come to the conclusion of this equation otherwise known as the 5 Aggregates taught by Buddha.

    Caution: Please do not believe a bald headed monk, see for yourself.

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