Fumbling towards the Middle

Fumbling towards the Middle.
Lady Babochka’s Dream.

Wiggling in her semi-hibernated state and recollecting a past reminiscent, Jinja found herself twisting in a cocoon tightly wrapped her body. And although these memories happened a long time ago, they came to her in the here and now….

She had been extremely fortunate in one of her previous lives to have encountered the Exalted One delivering his wisdom to the 5 bhramin disciples. The Dhammacakka-Pavattana Sutta it was called.

Recalling in vivid details… as The Lord of Sages turned the wheel of truth for the first time… his disciples listened attentively… Jinja at that time was a Lady Sparrow floating above them in circle, her heart filled with rejoicing happiness as the heavens cheered. Now this mnemonic has returned to her while in her most uncomfortable stage of her life.

The wheel of truth mentioned by The Enlightened One contained the Noble Eightfold Path… of Right view, Right intention, Right speech, Right actions, Right livelihood, Right effort, Right mindfulness and Right concentration. However, The Knower of the Worlds left them un-elaborated as to how right was Right.  There was not a single hint as to how these paths would appear to an individual or how to actually put them into practice.

Having reflected upon the memories in her mind, Jinja now remembers… to get there the Buddha objectively outlined the two Wrong paths that once corrected, the right paths would present themselves. Aha!

Suddenly an urging dream…
Lady Babochka! Yes! The soon to be Giant Butterfly, “That’s me!” said Jinja joyfully. Caterpillars are instinctively encouraged to conjure positive thoughts. The more colorful and positive they are the more beautiful transformations they’ll have. “Popularity? No contest! Beauty? Unparalleled! And admired? By all! By everyone! No more suffering in this cocoon… I’m gonna fly!” Imaginary beauty of Lady Babochka the vibrantly beautiful giant butterfly filled Jinja’s mind. “I can have any guy I wish, and boast them round till their glamoring expiry dates haha! My beauty will be compiled into new words and beyond, into arts and Dhamma! No one could stop talking about this great Lady Babochka the matchless, supreme and unequaled Butterf…. THERE!” She suddenly awoke from her dream with mindfulness realising where she was and what she was doing… flexing in a cocoon hanging from a web thread. “That was the first of the extremes the Buddha mentioned. The fumbling towards pleasure-grasping mental rebirths.” Jinja paused to contemplate… a tiny hint of depression settled in her… “Oh dear, I’m such a dreamer. I shouldn’t be too bold, too beautiful and popular! I realise now want to know the truth!” Tenseness engulfed her body as depressing ideas sent her mind spiraling, overwhelmed with self pity, feeling restricted and hot! “I’m gonna put my head down and meditate my ass off.” her muscles reached hypertension as she recollect her focus… “I’m gonna breathe and settle down and calm.  I’m gonna… THERE!” again back in the cocoon she awoke and discovered the second extreme… fumbling towards self sabotaging mentally throwing into rebirths. Two extremes paths… one would snap her strings and the other would loosen it… both sending her into mental becoming. For what we think, we become.

“So where is the middle?” she queried herself. In her mind… another rewinding recollection of a fine afternoon “If you know how perfect things already are, you would tilt your head back at the sky and laugh.” said Buddha. “In this present moment… the past, present and future are contained.” again said Buddha.

“Things are already perfect… the present moment is all there is and mindfulness is the middle. But due to the suffering here and now I dislike the present moment and rather be elsewhere. Is the present moment filled with of suffering… yes / no? Because I can see there will be a whole lot more suffering in the future as i have witnessed in the past. So be it now or never my Lord of Sages, help me find if The Now is… to suffer or to be free…” Jinja calmed down her mind and watched attentively as her mind reveals the truth to her.

Lady Babochka
The Giant Happy Butterfly
by Phra Mick Ratanapanyo Bhikkhu.

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