Talks of India

Translated words of Phra Dr. Surasak Danmai.
Please be cautious when reading… these messages may contain offensive paraphrasing to readers.

Having read the Tripitaka while I studied in Thailand vs. reading it after having lived in India unfolded massive differences, while the Thais adhere to strict social conformity and single directional thinking in their culture, Indians do not. The walks of life among Indians are strongly individualized and they do not allow idealization of others effect their happiness. Standing on the street and sweeping one’s eyes from left to right, the life stories you see in India appear quite an amazement, no two Indian activities are the same. And even after 2500 years, this hasn’t changed. Theft, lies and dishonesty aren’t the only standard activities keeping these people entertained, they also love to play stubborn mind games with each others, perform degenerate behaviors and cause suffering to masses via methods of annoyance. Hahhaha sounds like me, except i’m not that inconsiderate. Two bus drivers passing each other will stop and chitchat for four hours keeping everyone else honking away at their horns. They would not care about anyone else. This is their fun. Trains pause for 24hours after having left the station only 200metres and no one on board would be upset about it. Patience is one of the strengths among Indian people. People are so different in characteristics, they should not be able to exist together, and yet they do. Hence the phrase “GOD’s home is India.” This is a place of pure Religion. Spirituality is mainstream and belief in Karma is strong. People who could communicate with spirits and GODS are feared, so naturally they are more powerful than Kings. Good and Evil aren’t black and white, they are rather blurred. Any standard can be accepted. Yet they are some of the most stubborn people in the world. Although annoyance and arguments are plentiful, Violence is surprisingly rare. Acceptance is Gold. This is a place of true Balance. Nature is highly revered therefore hygiene is often disregarded.

The rules and precepts Buddha created for Indian people were what suited their society and culture perfectly. The first 200+ Arahants only used 5-8 precepts, some even had none, but degenerate behaviors finally took their tolls. Precepts increased gradually as complaints flooded in. Elsewhere in the world 8 precepts would have been enough for Enlightenment, but not this place. Nuns who stood in a fast flowing river running just below her waste-line and reached orgasm… there is a precept to prevent that. Monks exposing their penises to his x-wife who became a nun. Nuns washing monk’s robes and discovered sperms on it so she found a way to get pregnant. These rules had to be implemented. And don’t forget the Buddha wasn’t Indian, he was Royal Nepalese. These are NOT behaviors of Thais, far from it in fact. Having lived in India for over 10 years I have come to this realization.

How would an Arahant go to toilet? Most Indians don’t like to took sideways or give half a crap about who’s watching. It is in their nature to just go. With so many walks of life coming under one roof of Buddha, the rules had to be plentiful. One of the texts mentioned a farmer who was quite a rugged man… and like every morning, having kissed his wife on the cheek, he left the house carrying his tools and headed for the farm. Only that morning, he would encounter the Lord of sages. Very happy he was, but he received more than happiness, after 3-4 lines of conversation with the Lord he was enlightened. It took 10-20 seconds to become Enlightened. Once enlightened, what did he do? Having realised he still has a woman to look after, he proceeded to the farm to work. And upon his return to the house, did the wife notice he was enlightened? Hahahaha, this is one of my favourite Dhamma talk too. There was no time to receive the 5 precepts, no time to receive any special chanting, no time to change the monkey to the robot. Only Thai monks attempt to behave like robots. 90% of monks in all other countries do not… they giggle, they tickle one another, they laugh out loud, they smile a lot! And people approve of this! It makes people happy! (Especial my Tibetan masters in Australia and even monks in the Sakaya Village, home of Lord Buddha himself – Added by Phra Mick) So the answer is ‘no’ his wife had no idea he was enlightened. This changed all of my ideas regarding Enlightenment. I had to rethink the Dhamma and the Naturalism of the practice… letting go also means letting be and seeing it move. It reminded me of another text regarding Venerable Sariputta… A woman in great shock approached the Buddha to ask what had gone wrong with his No.1 disciple. For once she was about to perform the biggest Dana of her life, but on the way she had to encountered this monstrosity of a monk who leapt over puddles of water and climbed straight up a tree like a monkey! Then she recognized him! It was Venerable Sariputta! That guy who you told us a few weeks ago was extremely Enlightened! What the **** happened my Lord???!!!!! The Buddha sat down and explained that Venerable Sariputta was a monkey King for 500 life times prior to this life and as we all know, habits die hard. Enlightenment isn’t about erasing habits, rather about knowing the habits are not us. I am the Buddha so I am different, my habits are gone. Hence it took me longest to reach enlightenment. When Arahants see a tree, they say it is a tree because of habits. But ask them how come a mango fruit can grow into big mango tree with many more fruits on it… and they won’t be able to answer because they haven’t destroyed habits. They are people just like you, only they realised their body and mind aren’t them.

My apologies for strong graphic elaboration and straight up translations.
May you be happy now happy later and happy some more!
Phra Mick Ratanapanyo Bhikkhu.

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