Bunny’s Offering

After their reverences to the Lord of Sages who sat meditated in the forest, three blissful friends; monkey, sparrow and rabbit all decided they would offer dana (lunch) to the Enlightened One. After a short discussion, both the monkey and sparrow decided they would fetch various fruits from the plentiful forest vicinity, while the rabbit on the other hand did not mention what offering he would make.  Right after their dialogues, the two friends immediately went their separate ways to pick fruits leaving the bunny to his chore of thoughts.

Upon their returns, the monkey had gotten a few bananas in his hand while the sparrow carried some grapes in his beak. The rabbit however has not budged. Feeling a hint of frustration the monkey raised the question “Bunny, what are you going to offer our great Lord?!”

Glancing back at them “Could you please collect me some wood monkey?” asked the rabbit… “Five piles of short sticks will do nicely, thank you. And sparrow, could you offer me your old nest?  I need some dried tiny sticks, thanks.”

“Such user of people!” mumbled the monkey but still, off they went.

After five piles of short sticks were arranged at ready “Monkey…” the rabbit asked again “could you light a fire for me?” he asked.

“Yes I can!” answered the slightly annoyed but capable monkey.

Clack… clack… Seeing the sparks dashing out of the two smashing stones by the monkey, at his attempt to light fire on the previously collected piles of wood… the rabbit closed his eyes and made a Bodhisattva wish “May my offering bring me closer to enlightenment in the near future.”

As the wood piles spurred up in flame, the rabbit turned to his two friends “Monkey, Sparrow, this is my offering to the Lord Buddha.  Please make sure he gets it.” Said the rabbit before plunging himself into the fire.

You are probably asking “What is the moral of this story?”  Well, shortly after the monkey & sparrow offered their collected items, the overwhelming bliss compelled their hearts to explode from sheer happiness sending their minds to heaven.

One maybe rolling like a lethargic fur ball one moment, caressing, pondering very little… an easy life.  Then one day all changes, the ultimate lazy turns into ultimate challenge in a flick of a switch. The moral of this story is: Rabbits are spiritually extreme creatures ;)…








The End.

3 Responses to “Bunny’s Offering”

  1. colin bryson Says:

    very good i like that one theys another saying dont fight fire with fire in will burn your ass off but very good all the same but the monkey with incribed mind would all over the place as would the sparrow because they lost a friend moral to the story you really dont know how much you love someone or like someone until they have gone thats where buddha teaching express about clinging and attachment to let go in the rabbits case he offered his life to lord buddha so in hindsight he rebirth to the realm of the next life i bit like ned kelly but kelly went out with a bang buddha bless sadhu sadhu sadhu

  2. Hence I’m the sadistically delicious BBQ rabbit this time around… eh?

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    Bunny’s Offering | Writings of Heart

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