Quotes – Phra Mick V



Mental Shadows are movements Sati misses… judgement, contemplation, rewinding, teachings, wisdom, realisations, satisfaction, etc… A new dream over covering previous. Anything to prevent awakening.



One minute we believe we’re in control, the next we’re hypnotised.



“You can’t change the weather, but you can change your reaction to it. That’s what free will is.” – Robin Sharma. That’s what free will seems to be… But the thought swaying you to change your reaction to it isn’t yours 😉 … so the will ain’t free!



Great spiritual leaders by their nature are of warrior class.



Human beings by their very nature is chaos.



Our breakfast is delusion.



Self discovery requires that one learns defeat before victory, ego before humbleness, violence prior to peace and stupidity before wise.



I am a stupid genius, I am unpredictability predictable, a kind hearted sadist, an unpretentiously pretentious… truth is I know very little about myself.



There is letting go. There is knowing what it is we just let go of. And then there IS letting go with wisdom.



Using worldly Concepts and being imprisoned by them are two completely different boulevards of wisdom.



People saint me with Holistic sanction & expectations… An obsession with any savior, shall one day crumble your faith.



Everyday we live by senses information… a lie.



PM have you read this? Have you read that? “I read my mind sister…”



So few true words, so little time, say what’s important, you may only get the chance once. – Yuan Zhi



With great power comes great ability to forget what it was for…



We set up our own believes, made our own rules, became rigidized in our own ways, then sabotage ourselves when outside conditions & parameter fail to concur with our inner mental prisons. Stepping on our own toes & tripping over our own feet. We are our own jailer & our own liberator.



The Super-Ego in the mind is a dream afraid of waking… a place even mindfulness fears to penetrate.



Take anyone as perfect, and you are going to be disappointed.



Paranoia is the criminal’s smartness… as well as prisons for their minds.



One pointedness concentration (jhanna) sharpens the focus and re-arsenalise the mind’s weaponry. It would be a waste of oxygen to not aim it at the most stupid idea in the world… ‘Self’



Life isn’t a race. But if it was… then it is a racing game.



Control delivers false sense of freedom.



Right Mindfulness is death to the shadowing thoughts & end of the reflecting waves that rocked our boats.



Until Mindfulness is refined, the mind evades being seen by mixing truth with lies.



Difference between Right Mindfulness & Wrong Mindfulness is Control.



When asked “What is wrong mindfulness?” Picture a ship reflecting back the ocean waves.



Name, Country, Nationality, Gender, Time, Money, etc… are all worldly concepts. They are as heavy as packed suitcases, and like holding onto a target… opened to discussion, discrimination, praise & blame.



Perfection is contentment in all things imperfect. – Tina Ng.



Mystery is a great celebrity instrument. Trouble is when we hide from others… we hide from ourselves.



Let Time & Death be irrelevant, and we shall see Karma as what it is.



The problem with Lineal mind is it fails to grasp lateral minds.



Bodhisattva 101 – Can’t help those who don’t wanna be helped.



Go to the cravings…
See what they’re all about.
‘Cos we’re here to live and as long as it does not hurt us or become our mental prison turning us into a drug addict… then the cravings are fine. Being a Buddhist doesn’t mean we block ourselves from all pleasures. There is a fine line between knowing what is delicious -against- wanting to go there again & again till it drives us nuts.



The problem with linear mind is it fails to grasp lateral minds.



Ever contemplated Wisdom => Meditation => Precept as what really took place during the Buddha’s time? Why are we approaching/delivering Truth in reverse order now a days?



One who sees everything around him as nonsense and get angry should never forget that his mind is nonsense too.



Taxi drivers are some of the wisest of people.



Concrete forests & Human businesses blind us from Nature’s business. We fail to see how perfectly designed Nature is.



A Hypnotist uses similar technique to two organised home invaders, one lures you away from the house, another takes it over once you are gone. The Enlightened mind cannot be hypnotised.



Realising the 5 aggregates is the same as watching a behind-the-scenes of a movie you love… reality bites! Memorable scenes were shot right beside a slum, with faked car chases and CGI heros, and above all… betrayal of senses. They made sure that You, the audience was fooled!



Wheni like to eat something too much… I’l consume truckloads of it until the mind says ‘Enough!’ and lets go.



To some, the back of our hands is a musical comedy version of love… when compared to the back of our tongues.



Like ‘choice’… Control is another powerful illusion keeping us in the game.



Keeping to reasons eventually leads us back to the original source. When we find the meaning of life, we shall find the reason for this Place.



Great Wisdom arises when we retract to the darkest corners of our minds to find ourselves reaching for that light.



If truth was the sunlight in our eyes, it would blind us everyday.



As I watched my Dhamma brothers & sisters stumble and fall… graded themselves with low scores. It does not in any way break my heart… rather it reminded me of my own path.



It’s so easy to point a sword at someone’s inner sanctuary in open discussions, but it is never easy when the sword is pointed at you.



When we see unknown strangers hurt & embarrassed, why aren’t we hurt? When we ourselves are hurt & embarrassed, why can’t we see it the same way?



What is the meaning of life?
Resist your urges, don’t breathe, don’t blink, don’t sleep, don’t eat, don’t sh*t & don’t move a muscle and find out.



What IF one day we woke up and realised we were all just characters in a play? Would you continue acting out your scripts?



Whether one is awake or asleep… Sound registering at the ear is truth. Ear reporting data is truth. Mind traveling to intercept data is truth. Interpretation of data is truth. Accessing memory on language spoken is truth. Thought “Ah… That’s my brother monk snoring…” is truth.



When we surprise others with hurt, don’t just expect just hurt in return… expect the surprise as well!



Be not attached to good, let our names not be sold with it in the winds. That way we won’t step on our own toes and trip over our own feet. – Master Luongta Sayud.

Be not attached to bad, what’s done is done. Learn from it and move no. Let not try to unstink our names from the winds. That way we won’t become our own saboteur.



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  1. Love it~, Read them all. Very very nice words of wisdom. Also shared them in my blog. 🙂

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