Quotes – Phra Mick I

There is no karma without causality,
No causality without change,
No change without time,
And no perception of time without present moment.

Write down a true story of your life without you… rather from another person’s perspective and you shall witness your character in an astonishingly new light. – inspired by Tina Ng.

The best meals I’ve ever had were in my mind.

Like a samurai wearing the top-knot as a carry handle for whoever defeated and decapitated him… As much as we’re ready to live… we must  also be ready to die.

Like this prayer wheel… One revolution effects the next. Each lap is karma, each lie gets better, each theft gets smoother, each round is habit. This is why habits are such difficult creatures to retrain.

We enjoy books, theatres, cinemas, but have you ever thought of your life as scenes for others’ entertainment?

Concocted yet perfectedly related is Universe. How can choice exist when everything is so extremely precise? The only choice is mindfulness.

Dragging my sleepy right leg after an hour of meditation, like the Terminator going to bathroom. “Hahahahaha! Monk gets leg pain!” A little girl laughs, disturbing everone. Meditation over.

3 rules for happiness.
1. Do harm not to self or others.
2. Place your happiness not on what others think, say, feel or do.
3. Place your happiness not on what self think, say, feel or do.

Memories may flash with others’ faces and voices… But are your thoughts always in your own voice? Listen…

Sati is a simple knowing/registration of any movement. Recorded simply as is without thought… then RECALLS whenever that movement gets repeated. Samma Sati is the habitual knowing without intention, like a scratch, an eye-movement or a blink. The knowing mithout I, me, mine.

What you’re looking for is what is looking.

Expect, accept & love suffering as equal partner of happiness… otherwise you are going to be disappointed in life.

We resist nature so that she expresses herself. It would be pointless not to listen.

The more you know…
– the less you become,
– the more you surrender to nature,
– the more you wish to be normal,
– the more they caste you, pedestal you and fault you,
– the more alone you will be.

We kill ourselves to meet our own expectations.

When we understand true balance… we will appreciate the functions of the selfish, greedy, angry, evil, ridgid, depressed, lively, flexible, good, happy, generous & the selfless.

A good monk gave & gave… many lifetimes dedicating his life to the world. Landing himself on a prestegious Bodhisattva seat in heaven was no surprise. But in the eyes of Good, there is Bad. He later rode with Temujin (Genghis Khan), joined the Brittish invasion of India, took part in the German occupation, taking back every life he helped earlier. When a string is pulled so tightly in one direction… it will bounce back equally as hard. “Good thing I wasn’t a God” he said… “because otherwise I’d have to be the devil too.”

Heaven & Hell are right here in our Feelings.

There isn’t a square inch of ground where something had not died, but why can’t we see the dead? Because nature works perfectly.

Take a dream too seriously and you won’t wake up from it.

Our top Jhanna dude loves silence and hates crowds, he fears Contacts (6th chain on 12Links). Every time hundreds of ppl turn up he’d become anxious & aggitated. The master asked “Who are you running from?” You guessed it! “I dunno… but I gotta go!”

While the drill sergeant evaluates his new recruits closely. The General picks the new pack leader while standing on the rooftop watching them play.

Good & Bad have their functions in the Perfect Universe… without evil, how can we understand noble?

Felt the world taring herself to shreads. Fixing things knowing she can’t fix in time. She’ll be even more off balance with the new rays from the sun. She’s alive and has her own karmas too.

People see me as a bad practitioner and scold me, when i laugh instead of reciprocating to their anger they get even more upset. If I told them how selfish they were they’d explode.

When an angry person abuses you, You’re suppose to follow the reactions of your mind… be upset, embarrased, depressed, violent, etc… then pass on your suffering to someone else. But when you don’t, you befome a defective gear in a big machine that won’t reciprocate. Soon Universe chucks you out of her game. That is one aspect of Nivarna.

At one stage of my lay-person’s life I imposed fear upon others. Now i live among the brave and compassionate who converted fears into love.

Masters have read my future before, but none as damning as this “You will march into the fire and let it burn you whole because it is your way of learning. And although your pain will lessen with time, those close to you will get seriously burned.” – Ajahn Dang.

Religions derive from our fears of nature. – Buddhadasa Bhikkhu.

Truth is beyond the fears of Karma, the imprisonment of precepts, the love of good and outside the attachment of Self. Hence a few ever go beyond the shores.

Sports of Jhanna are fun and addictive, but they encourage the rooted super-ego to sink deeper and spring new connections while the knowing sleeps… cooking up Darth Vader.

Pushing focus “I meditate” vs. the Mind meditates are complete dissimilar phenomenon. Greatest difference being wisdom.

Although a powerful animal… a horse at young age was tied to a post with thick chains and tamed with tools of pain. Now a tiny strip of rawhide imprisons this obidient vehicle as it gets parked at places. And although the hide isn’t knotted… no one can tell it that freedom is just walking a few steps back. “The truth we believe prevents us from hearing anything new.” – Pema Chordon.

People called him a mad man for his zen ways, branded him a communist when he reject ranks and accused him of being an illigally ordained monk when he changed his name to Buddhadasa Bhikkhu.

A tiny scene cannot be judged unless we know extensively the whole movie… and we’ve all just walked in on this very long movie.

Suppression withholds truth. Be as natural as one can be… and let Mara bring his entire army. Build that habitual knowing engine, one movement at a time… stillness at presence of mind only. This is a good chance to see its true nature.

Like before the eyes focus in on an object, before ears into sounds, nose into smell, tongue into taste & skin into touch… Have you ever seen thoughts before the mind focuses in?

4 stages of Buddhist Enlightenments. Let’s say a sharp knife acts as Suffering.
1st Stage: Being cut by the knife… A Rock leaves a scouring mark easily seen.
2nd Stage: A pane of Glass… knife pressed down hard, no mark at first it seems… unless observed closely.
3rd Stage: Swing that knife into Water… be there all day.
4th Stage: Now try cutting Air!

We exagerate our sufferings at others to receive attention. When asked, we withhold our stories, making a mystery out of them… so hoping others may think of us and suffer too.

Pefection lies in the balance of all things imperfect.

It knows everytime it lies to itself, everytime it puts on a mask… it tells itself “I” can live with it. But deep down it knows better.

‘Knowing’ is a specialised engine. One that won’t take shape unless you build it. No sitting still is going to create such miracle. It is a dedicated habit of study, noting and noticing ourselves so closely that we stop looking out completely (nor looking in for that matter). What others do is no longer of concern, rather what we do in every second of existence. It is a whole new ball game.

Belief is an attachment to a Thought… so why should we care who believes what and who gets attached to what thoughts?

Truth is too simply near, what we struggle to find shall be missed.

Where I came from, to be bold is to be revered… where I am now, to be so is to be hated.

All problems are in the mind, because the mind is the problem.

We’re not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are undefined energies trying to define our beings.

A millionaire at my temple has assassination paranioa… thinking everybody tries to poison him. Yesterday local psychiatrist pronounced him broke & nut, just like the monks.

Point of view is very important… for the world does not veer from perfect, only our views of it do.

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