Quotes – Phra Mick IV

The deads don”t like their photos taken… even in Death, there are attachments.





When we become overly attached to worldly responsibilities… contemplate on death and be free.




“After a good day of charity” said master, “expect negative balance from Universe. Take it as her acknowledgment of our compassion, use it to fertilise the Dhamma & the test of our patience.”





Nothing ever happens alone… everything is related to everything else. But there’s always “what when where why who” to help keep us the players interested.





Truth is simple. Trouble is we don’t like simplicity.




Stuffs we take for granted are always overlooked.




The master “breathe in and no out… dead. breathe out and no in… dead.”




The untrusting will not be trusted.




The system has amazing sets of teeth. Wanna see them? Try leaving…




Be not the seeker… let Universe come to you.




Just added ‘discouraging’ to my list of Yin accolades.




Thoughts of how we are perceived by others… be physical or mental are some of the most suffering.�..




Many like to be perceived as near perfect. Most like telling others who they are… but never the vise versa.




The system challenges players with suffering. Buddhahood is inevitable.




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