Once upon a Dream – Paid for in Dream

In a weekend dojo without spectators, ahead of me stood a man with long hair gathered and tied behind his head, longish face and thick brows, overlaping blue top tugged close to his body with white rope and black Kakama (lose pants). In his right hand a Katana sword. A man whose face I easily recognised although i have never met his in this lifetime.

My arms raised meditatingly, in my right hand a Wasikashi (medium sword used for close quarter combats). I could see the edge of my top sleve… also darkish blue. My heart skipped beats and my face displayed a momentary fear as he charged at me.

No time to think… the hands maneuvers to defend as the eyes saw the Stars (combat term for opponent’s hands). Mountains (upper bodies) closed in on one another, swords became an extension of our Stars, our movements were quick and rational.

Ting… Ting… Ting… Where has my skill gone? I’m a one-cut-one-kill fighter but after three moves I haven’t found an opening. Fears of losing set in as our swords continued to cross paths. Various plans of attack flashed by but these thoughts became too long and I lost the rhythm, the whole point was to flow and not think. He stabbed me in the right side of my chest and I felt the sharp pain as anticipated… rising to my head like a shockwave and I passed out for.

Coming to… I was on my knees with blurry vision, he sat in front of me tending to my injury. The Wasikashi laid below my right hand where i had dropped it. My vision cleared up and the pain returned… a panic set in, my heart raised and my hand reached for the sword as he instinctively went for his. As my Wasikashi pierced 2inches into his stomache, in return his Katana pierced into mine. Four inches of blade entered my belly and again the sharp stabbing pain rose to my head. I woke up!

Screaming in tears as I rolled on the temple floor. The pain from the dream carried on for 20minutes after I awoke and although it gradually subsided… the feeling of the high-carbon steel blade sunken in my belly stayed with me for the whole day.

This was no ordinary dream nor aftermath. I realised now I have paid dearly for a past event.

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