Once Upon a Dream – India

Landing in a hover-ship departed from Mars, India 7000 years ago was the same… it was what it is today. Dressed in a brazen white right shoulder crossed design unseen in modern day’s fashion, we were vastly advanced creatures.  Earth’s population was much lesser than now.  We fed 200 people, donating to everyone in vicinity of our landing site.

Watching famished beings take our food, sat down on the forest grounds ate them quickly and deliciously.  I watched with zero emotion, no joy, no pity, no expectations of gratuity nor compassion…   *Nothing…* (this frightened me)

The rest of the food could have been placed somewhere in the village (vision did not show).
Upon our departure, the villagers gathered and crowded us once more, this time not to thank us… Rather to swarm us to death with their final chance of beggaring.

Neared our hover-ship the pilot opened the door, I shrugged myself free from the massive crowd, turned around and showed them our depleted supply of food, saying nothing, because our dialect were incompatible… There was nothing left, everything we had were donated to them. My friends were tugged to the ground by the horde, as the group I shoved off earlier headed for me once more with their hands reaching out like zombies. I pushed away again, and again but they kept coming, fearing for the safety of my crew whose conditions were unknown and not to mention our technology aboard the vessel.

These weren’t skinny creatures, they lived healthily and possessed no conceptualization of wealth… not yet.  It was greed, just plain sickening GREED.  “Dishonorable bastards…” i felt that emotion loud and clear.

Phoenix blaze egress her holster and flew like the wind, offing a few heads before landing firmly in my grip.  The front row felt her supremacy firsthand as 3-4 additional heads rolled off, some thrown upwards in the air from the wrist-flicking cutting motion.  My feet, wrist and body movements fluid, effortless and consistently caressing in circular motions indicating more Chinese rather than Japanese style of cutting.  This happened very quickly within 1-2 seconds, the stunned crowd had no idea nor chance to scream just yet.  Hordes at the back still pushing, feeding me bodies to destroy then suddenly waves of surreal emotions… Fun!  Excitement and Satisfaction!

Eventually realization came to the remaining live horde and they fled in all directions back into the forest, this time screaming.  There were 16-17 dead laid on the forest floor not far from the hover-ship, all accounted to the Phoenix.  Pilots tended to the wounded as I stood still watching, Blaze powered herself down, my eyes swept across the empty open scenery which 5minutes ago were infested with mass of zombies.

I woke up and saw the clock 4:45am, laying still, silent… quite stunned by the dream. Suddenly a voice shunted in “Balance…” said the voice in thought “4500 years from now… an ultimate balance shall manifest in the land of the slovenly. You (me) were simply the message.”


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