The Importance of Gods.

Ever been asked to enter meditation to look for a lost pussy cat?  That was me this week.

Badger the cat, frightened by the sounds of explosives during the Loi-Krathong (water festival) celebration 10 days before her disappearance.
She ran away from home and became very lost.  Badger’s owners discovered her when she was just a 2 week old kitten, dumped in the garbage.
They raised her and loved her like their own daughter and they’ve put up pictures of badger in the streets, but to no avail.
Their house wasn’t far from the temple, but coming to see a monk for help was the last thing they thought of.

I sat cross-legged and dialed up Universal-Web.  (no service provider fee required).
Pretty soon I spotted Badger only two houses away from her home, locked in a dark kitchen with no windows.  She appeared fairly bored but was well fed on mice.  Communication with her however was a problem.  Badger’s personal safety-zone wasn’t meant for strangers and she spat at me as soon as I closed up on her.  There’s another excellent Buddhist’s method to get around miss-communication… ask the Devas (otherwise known as Gods.)

I sent my god some nice bliss and good karma (energy) and asked her nicely to help guide Badger home.  Some gambling addicted gods would take incense smoke instead as casino chips.

Badger’s owners called me the next day… their neighbours spotted her on the roof at 4 in the morning.

Thank my God and her friends for helping Badger.


3 Responses to “The Importance of Gods.”

  1. Did you really “see” the cat in the neighbor’s house, or are you simply taking poetic license here?

    May have to come back to this site whether or not your answer goes one way or the other.

    Very interesting feel to this place. Inviting. Warm. Home.

    michael j

  2. I was mostly being silly here Michael J. Contexts between Buddhist monk and God were meant to produce a little giggle.

    Although the story above is true… and my meditation has served me well in this life. I do not have powerful stillness to see everything clearly.

    • Thanks. You’re only the second Buddhist monk I have met. The first was a Vietnam veteran at a PTSD clinic, Claude AnShin Thomas. Attended a workshop with him last month at Omega Institute in the Hudson Valley of New York Stae, USA.

      We had no reports of missing cats.

      michael j

      (that’s a little Philadelphia humor)

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