Nobody is wrong in their minds.


I just saw Religulous with Bill Maher, and I’d be lying if I said I never gotten myself into one of those arguments with religious people.  The question to Bill “What if you’re wrong Bill?!” is fired back in a similar annoying sense “And what if you ARE wrong? hm?”  Whose wrong would be more scary?  A religious person with a Centre-of-Universe mindset haunted by fear-based-locking-mechanisms (slaves) to ensure their masters’ weekly payment or otherwise cop the full blown vengeance of a pissed off GOD -OR- a non-religious person with a sense of reasoning?

Hahahahahahahahaha.  Bill was very entertaining.

From experience, being placed on a pedestal and copping the GOD complex from Buddhists seem bad enough, especially when you’re trying to show them that you are just another regular Joe.  People will always fear.  It is their fun (even when they say it ain’t).  However, there are no fear-based locking people in this class of philosophy  – freedom in thoughts, loving kindness, balance and no lasting fears all lead to a good start in any direction (except Thailand and Sri Lanka where Buddhism has become a religion).  You are what you are, mentally at that moment.  Always remember Universe is harmonious and precise hence the 5 rules (common sense in any culture).

Hell has its job, likewise heaven, human, angel, animal or ghost.  All the six main strings in Universe vibrate to create an elaborate Casino of sense-exploration.  Addiction to Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Touch, Thoughts, Memories & Feelings is your own choice and played out at your own expenses.  In addition, should this Casino evolve into a Prison for you… well, again it’s your own adherence and no one else… in an event where one fails to recognise that one is conned by one’s very own mind – that event is called “ignorance”.  And that’s it!  Addiction to 8 data streams… ignorant or not, we consider every failure a learning curve.  Every wall one hits has its price, but a good wall none the less.  I can proudly say “I’m a wall hitter.”  It is how a dumbass like me learn.

That being said…
How could a pig farmer who screams like a pig in his moment of death be wrong?  There is no wrong in becoming a pig.
How can a suicide bomber whose heart-rates jump, hop and skip beats just before he presses the trigger be wrong?  There is no wrong in going to hell.

Nobody is wrong in their minds.  Because even when they are wrong… they are right.



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