Limits of Maintenence – Part 1

topShould we imagine the mind as a swing…

from black to white…

from right to wrong…

from good to bad…

back and forth and back and forth…

The hardest catch is the differentiation of the calculus curve or the middlest point of the swinging motion.
The centre.

A common Jedi practitioner would no doubt force himself / herself to veer towards the light, the good and the right – avoiding the dark, the bad and the wrong.  Same as any other told-tales of heroes vs. villains.  Where there is good, there is bad.

But what is Good and what is Right?
Good and right depend entirely on where you were born, in what group collective and more importantly, when.
To find out… try asking a few Jews who survived the Holocaust during German Occupation “Why were the colors of your eyes and hair illegal?  And are they still?”

Sometimes what we believe to be Good… isn’t good.
And here’s another damn good example:
A great hermit who visited the young prince Sidhatha soon after his birth, looked at him with tears of sorrow.  “Why are you crying?”  Asked the King.  “I cry because I know that I will never hear the teachings of this great master.”  Said the hermit while staring at the baby prince.  Later after the young prince was enlightened, he went searching for his teachers whom he compelled to repay for their kindness and compassion (one of them happened to be the above mentioned hermit), and discovered that they have both passed away, entering into a heaven frequency called “The Aru-pa-jhanna” dimension.  “Goodness me!”  Said the Buddha.  “Both of my teachers are totally screwed!”

The Aru-pa-jhanna frequency is classified as a heaven dimension of anti-matter existence.  Triggered by the same idea as Nibbana, the practice is to evade becoming.  To meditate on nothing.  To become nothing.  To no longer exist.  But the self and the NEED TO BE weren’t dealt with in its entirety, and therefore still rooted.  In other words… they will attached to Nothing.  The extensive time one gets caught in this temporal Nexus plus the total failure of communication in said dimension meant that the Buddha could never reach any of his teachers in his lifetime.  Hence he slanged the term “totally screwed!” (ship-hai-lawe in Thai)

One should think all Heavens are good for you eh?… apparently not so.

Continue to Part 2…


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