Limits of Maintenance – Part 2

Continued from Part 1…

To see…  to hear… to smell… to touch… to taste…

to think… to recall… to feel…

to change… to jump… and to grasp…

These are the functions of the mind.

To deny its nature is to look at Universe as controllable, constant and permanent.

bonsai tree

Like Bonsai trees that memorizes each shape of its containment for short periods of time… several identical shapes later and its memories will strengthen.  Such is called “Training of the Mind”.  The new habits gradually encode themselves into the neural-pathways of the brain training the robot as it goes along.  Even hair that gets combed the same way everyday is being trained.  That said… all memories are impermanent.

So ‘yes’ the mind can be trained… and all trainings will disintegrate.
Which brings us to our topic.

The Limits of Maintenance

Continue to Part 3…


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