Limits of Maintenance – Part 3

continued from Part – 2

The Limits of Maintenance

Quite often we’re told to purify the mind.  To slow down the jumping is to relax, to rest… then insert some programs like bliss, peace, harmony and some questions leading to acceptance, wisdom, understanding, etc…  before releasing it back into the wild again.  Every mind needs cleaning.  Even the Mind of an Arahant which has fully realised and accepted its own nature would still need to perform these maintenances – in order to stay alert, positive and compliance to the traffic laws of karma.


Cleaning of the mind isn’t a new concept.  It has been performed for as long as time itself… with so very few minds ever to realise and accept the truth.  Purification is a tool towards Enlightenment, but it isn’t THE tool.

Instead… a realisation that the Mind itself is its own worst enemy… its very own engine of pain and suffering IS the tool.  Because for the first time, “Good” isn’t good.  The light bulb that we have been juggling in our hands is finally HOT!  It is NOT any cooler than before.  It had always been HOT HOT HOT!, but we were eluded to believe that it was good, to hold on to it,  to teach it, clean it and care for it.  But for the first time the Mind realises that IT (the five aggregates) is heavy, suffering and unsatisfiable.

Jump, jump, jump… eyes => ears => emotion => thought => emotion => nose => emotion => feel => thought => thought =>emotion => recall => emotion => thought => meditate => emotion, jump, feel, jump, jump, feel, jump, etc… never in one state long, constantly changing, jumping, suffering, thinking without order, recalling without command, suffering without anyone’s authority.

“Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Oh boy oh boy oh boy OH BOY AHHHHHHHHHHH!”  It lets go… all by itself.

So what now?
Does it cease to function?  No…
It still sees, hears, smells, touches, tastes, thinks, recalls and feels.
It still calculates, meditates, and cleans.
The difference is that it knows what it is.
It is awake.


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