Setting the Course


Just as we are powerless in commanding a mango tree to ripen its fruits, the skies to pour down rain, ordering a Lotus to blossom or bending laws of nature to our liking.  The consequences and outcomes of Universe are often unknown to us.  An old monk was once invited to give a talk on the subject at Buddhist University, Bangkok.

His talks were quite fast, spontaneous, non-stop and based entirely on his own experiences.  Half way through the talk however, he lost his frame of thought and a lengthy awkward silent filled the entire lecture hall.  Realising his derailment, he looked up at the audiences  who stared back at him in surprise.  “What the hell was I babbling about just then?

Right there and then his mouth stretched out a smile and tears rolled down his eyes.  “I’m freed.” he whispered… then went on to finish up his talk.

“You never know when or where it will happen.”  He said.  “Because as a Buddhist, we can only plant the seed, pave the path and set the course.  The moments of the accorded effects are not up to us.”



4 Responses to “Setting the Course”

  1. Oh, my. Great story. Thank you!

  2. Bumiputra_X Says:

    The beginning & ending statements are so powerful, they knock my ego out. Cheers, Masta Mick! (Hope you don’t mind my addressing you as such as it is with deep respect that I do).

  3. Thanx!!!
    And who might you be Mr. Bumiputra_X?

  4. The_Filozopher Says:

    Such a profound question I find myself asking many times, Masta Mick.

    We met at Bundanoon during the UNIBUDS winter retreat 2009. I was the oldest retreatant at the time, I hope that helps jog the memory. Bumiputra_X is my handle in a previous life before I moved to Oz. Now I’ve evolved into the Filozopher. I’m a mutant, you see.

    May the Force be with you & have a great day ahead, mate.

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