Not My Worms


Eyes give me the best sense of authentication when it comes to the practice.
Check out “The Eyes” for past reference.

Because evidently, our monkey eyes operate automatically and constantly.  As much as some audiences I have encountered in the past denied this idea, claiming that their eyes do not move at all during open-eyed meditation.  I am however, more fortunate that I have an eye injury.

Eyes have the function to scan for new and fun things, while the mind picks up information and perceive, experience, feel, pass judgment, scrutinize, move-towards or run-away.  Luckily for me… on my last trip to Maylaysia, while sitting on the plane I saw some beautiful clouds in the sky.  Staring at them from my window I noticed something strange in my vision.  Worms!

Ever tried staring at something for so long you feel like your eyes haven’t moved?  Like in open-eye meditation?  Well our eyes may appear that way, but the very TINY movements which escapes human detection still exist (check out the video).   At first I thought the parasites were throwing a party  in my eyeballs… but as I looked out of the plane’s window and kept my vision locked tight at the clouds, I recalled who the three disco worms were.

You see, during my time in the workforce, I picked up three scratches in my right retina and I had forgotten about them, but apparently something cotton-candy blue like the clouds & skies bring them to light.  I experimented further with more controlled-staring and eyeball-locking.  And finally I thanked the three dancing worms (retinal scratches).



Wanna see your own eyes move by themselves even when you thought you had them under your control?  Put 3 scratches in your retina (DON’T DO THAT) and find out the hard way.



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