Attached to Nothing


Another old master of my teacher once entered the forest to meditate.  He refrained from food and intentionally tortured his body by putting it through excessive bush trekking.  He became lost in the woods after 3 days, having been constantly exposed to forestial monsoon, a serious cold and a life threatening lung infection overwhelmed him.

Retreating into a cave, believing his death was imminent… he contemplated on his final attachments.  He was not attached to worldly possessions, family, worry nor fear.  He felt at peace.  However, deep down, he also did feel a struggle within that peace.  Spending what he believed to be the last moment of his life monitoring his mental activities, he realized he was attached to Nothing.  Not wanting this… nor that… but wanting [Nothing].  A clear intent and struggle, a figment of delusion and Self.

“Enlightenment cannot be made happen by you” said the master who survived his lung infection.  “Since no one is enlightened, but the mind.  Therefore it is not ‘you’ who sees truth of nature, but it is the mind that realizes it.”



4 Responses to “Attached to Nothing”

  1. yeoh kim soo Says:

    I love the phrase “Since no one is enlightened, but the mind. Therefore it is not ‘you’ who sees truth of nature, but it is the mind that realizes it.” The very ‘I’ who loves the phrase is already the mind, therefore better still to leave it “as is.”

  2. The message is very deep. Does this mean you are attached to something all the time even if it is “nothing”? Doesn’t it indirectly mean that whenever you refrain from attachment to some thing, you are actually attaching yourself to “nothing”. It is not clear to me.

    • Dear Krish, the master simply realized the depth of the term “letting be”. To fight nature is to engage in becoming of another existence, to surrender to Universe and accept / understand her ways is to be free. Whatever cards this casino throws at the players, mindfulness is the key to recognize and choose not to play them, rather than the act of rebelling by sitting alone in the corner and have a free drink on the house. One is still compelled to remain in this casino. I hope this helps.

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