Mr. Happy Commentator


What does the Mind aim to see in this self-automated Galaxy?


It watches body & mind…
carrying on its usual functions…
and witnessing the usual phenomena;

It follows every action like a good detective at work.
And like clockwork… it ticks forward happily…
at every task it’s been trained to perform.
It even works while the body’s sleeping.
It watches the dreams.
It moves by itself…
It misses no beat.
Or so it thought.
It is satisfied.

That was a gooood meditation…”
“Things were clear and definitive!

“I am  H a p p y  !

It sees the Natural Phenomenon…

Now it can finally answer the question “Who am I?



2 Responses to “Mr. Happy Commentator”

  1. Yes … so who’s “Be-ing” and who’s “See-ing” Who are we “Be-ing” and who are we “see-ing”? How to “Be and See”?

  2. Replace “who” with “what”
    Make better sense now?

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