Inspired by Tina’s Prejudice Post

In her post:

In our politically-correct society, we like to believe that we aren’t prejudicial, aren’t racist, aren’t sexist. In this land of young and free, we like to think we do give people a fair-go.

Yet at times, our social conditioning of embedded stereotyping surfaces its ugly rear, and we are shocked to see just how deep our prejudices are, and how shallow our minds can be.

Let’s face it, in our minds we do hold a face for wealth, a face for beauty, a face for intelligence, a face for goodness and innocence. In our minds we also have a face for a criminality, poverty and ‘just-don’t-have-a-good-feeling-about-him’.

Recently, a contestant on British Idol tested the waters of prejudice, and she definitely made waves and even tears. Have a look at this clip below…it’s amazing.

So I’ve re-downloaded Super-HD, and re-subbed it for the hearing impaired prejudices.

Here it is:


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