(Yawn) Yhwaaaoooww…
(Sigh) What can I say about Boredom?


  • It is an emotion of void – and like all phenomena, it cannot remain in one state too long…
  • It needs closure.
  • Both Satisfaction & Dissatisfaction alternating rapidly.
  • Unable to be forced (happens automatically).
  • Boredom thrusts us forward… into the next moment, next thoughts and next actions just like any other feelings… however,
  • Boredom strikes stealthier than anything ever encountered.


boring_sharkBoredom… Crawls like a worm… and Strikes like a hungry Megalodon.


Believe it… or not.  I never imagined an itty-bitty tiny emotion like Boredom to be able to hit like a hammer.  Unlike anger, fear or pain which are much easier agents to spot.  Two years ago, when I was watching “confusion”, I found that a wisdom mind, one which was not trained to recognise confusion would contemplate a lot in a short space of time.  Obviously it became easily confused with the vast number of questions, ideas and choices it had.  Naturally, soon after it began rolling like a soccer ball… throwing itself forward at amazing laps.  A question such as “So how do ‘I’ stop thinking?” would lead to anything but the actual stopping.

Confusion was difficult to spot… especially if the ego “I” does not wish to be associated with the states of confused.
Boredom is a different story.

A trained mind watches without trying, stumbling into nor interfering with bodily actions, thoughts & feelings.  Each phenomenon is recognised and realised as they are.  For example: When the mind decides to perform an auto-concentration, we call it “Samma Samadhi” or right meditation because it recognises that it is meditating by itself… not “I am meditating”.  The difference lies in wisdom.  Later when the mind decides to exit and return to jumping again, we also see that phenomenon as nature.  “The kid doesn’t wanna play with his Nintendo Wii anymore, ‘cos now he wanna rock n’ roll! ”  Stillness is impermanent… right?  Yes… BUT did I miss a little something back there?

Thoughts & feelings usually throw us forward, but not for an regular Joe meditator,  the Jhanna maybe too blissful to leave but it does not last; the contemplation might be sherning towards something enlightening, but that too has a limit; or perhaps the silence itself was just the good rest the mind needed, but silence and rest also suffer should they stay the same state too long.  No… most exit mechanisms are not these regular functions of the mind.  It is far deeper than that.  For me… it’s Boredom.

My meditation is done monkey style, the monkey suit is allowed to walk, talk, sit, look, eat, scratch, move, think & feel while the Monkey Operating System (MonkeyVista) catalogs the movements, occasionally MonkeyVista would slip and crash on the dinner plate of a hungry launching Megalodon.

There!  Boredom ate the monkey.


So should one investigates into the illusiveness of Boredom…
One shall witness a great engine of this impermanent Universe indeed.



2 Responses to “Boredom”

  1. boredom is a great wakeup call … to break out of the stagnant state that we are in, and strike it out into new territory. new experience,s new friends, new interactions. That is what boredom screams out 🙂


  2. Greatings, Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.

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