Modern-Day Jingle Bells



No red suits, no reindeers, no white beards,
no fears and of course… no need to wait till next Christmas.
Modern-day Santas are here, this time delivering toys
to the kiddies is up north of Thailand.

A gentleman named Thana Yasopa, winner of 2008 Human Rights Awards
called the temple’s answering machine and said “Venerable sir,
I heard that your temple was good at delivering toys to children,
so I was wondering if you could help my village.
The toys we have here are so old and ruined. So I…”

Santa MickyRai picked up the phone:
“How many kids does your village have?”
“About 30, sir”
“I’ll call the Toyman and see what he’d say,
chances are he’ll give you enough toys for 60 children”
“Thanks Santa!”

The Toyman was a disciple of an Arahant Bhikkhuni who used to reside here
at my temple.  Much merits and happiness to him…

Nine boxes of toys = Free
Hiring a delivery truck = Free
Truck driver = Free
Cost of fuel = 305 Baht
Cost of express parcel delivery = 450 Baht
Looks of Happiness on the children’s faces = Still Priceless.



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  1. Kritchamon-Bundanoon Says:

    Sadhu Chao-Kha,

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