Not Taking Sides

When things are looking UP… life is great.
The whole world smiles.

But what goes UP must always come DOWN…
Such is called the “Downside” to life.
No surprises there.

Harmonically, what is DOWN cannot stay DOWN…
It must proceed back UP… and we of course call this the “Bright Side”.

Unfortunately Bright Side is Downside’s best pal.
And believe it or not, they’re exactly the same.

So which side should one favour?
Bright side?  Downside? or both sides?
Hard decision I know.

Fortunately, outside these sets of squares,
There is another Side to life…

Now this might sound a little naughty and noncomplying to Universal rules,
But NO SIDE exists.
It is always there, available whenever we want it.
The first question we gotta ask ourselves is
“What the hell are these good, bad, up, down, right, wrong, bright side downside worldly bull****?!!!”
Yep!  You’ve got it!

Good karma is heavenly bright side and Bad karma is the downside of hell.
But what about No Karma?
Middle path is a tough one.
No more good and evil.
No more right and wrong.
No more crave for heaven nor fear of hell.
No more being conned by ideas.
No longer coming back to the thought, memory & feeling casino.

No more birth.
No more death.
No more faith.
No more fear of Doomsday threats.
No more panicking on December 12, 2012.
No more deaths by the billions before each human evolution.

No more Sides.

No more fun.
No more games.
No more sex.
No more friends.
No more internet.
No more news.
No more happiness.
No more boredom.
None… nothing at all.

Do we still want the middle path?


4 Responses to “Not Taking Sides”

  1. nice article!
    Much food for thought…
    It really made my day.
    Thank you.

  2. Merci!

    Happy you like it.

  3. tania.clancy Says:

    Yes we need the middle path because we can continue with the things in life that really matter… For example, action to give back and help the natural world …. which we are depleting so much.

    If we remain bound by the highs and lows, we will find too much sadness in the indignities as well as … feel vain from our little efforts to help. … then the ego becomes too big and we become blind to the subtleties of life.

    for example, ” the differeence between a flower and a weed, is judgement’

  4. Thanks Tania!
    You’re very in-tuned with nature.

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