Why what?


20,000 scientists seated in an outdoor stadium, awaiting for an old & bald-headed man in robes who arrived via a helicopter to give his speech.


“Monk!” One man said, after putting up his hand and stading up. “What is this rebirth stuff you people talk about?  I mean I like your philosophy and all, but I just don’t share that ridiculous view.”

Several laughters and cheers arose from the crowd as the question was pushed to the bald man on the stage.

“My dear sir, what is the first law of science?” The monk asked.

“That errr… energy cannot be created nor destroyed.”  The man replied.

“There!”  The monk said smiling and pointed at the man.


“Respected venerable sir.” A woman put up her hand this time. “Why does your religion view life as suffering?  Like the previous gentleman who asked the question, I also cherrish your philosophy and teachings, but suffering doesn’t agree with me.”

“Thank you for your question.”  The monk replied politely.  “What is the second law of science?”  He asked back gently.

“Energy cannot remain in one state too long.”  A shout of answer came from the crowd.

“There!”  The monk said again smiling.


“Hello Mr. Monk.” A young boy stood up. “My mommy, she wanted to know what is Karma?”

“Hey there little guy…”  Smiling, the monk looked at the boy and once again replied to the question with a question.  “What can you see when you close your eyes?”

“Nothing.”  The boy replied with his eyes closed.

“Good!  So who can tell me the third law of science?”

“Action => Reaction?”  The boy replied.

“Very good!”  Smiling monk bowed to his audiences with joy, before again saying “There!”



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