Gods, Demons & the Middle


“Walk like Egyptians… ”
or NOT.

How did the Egyptian Empire come to its end?
Like all empires, domains and kingdoms that came and went or about to go… history teaches us that nothing lasts forever, just like any orgy parties.

So what killed it?
Give up?
Okay… here I go
“Overwhelming Rituals & Ceremonies…” are what really crushed it.
Here’s why…

I live in Thailand now… and although it is a Buddhist country, I see plenty of faith & belief with very little Buddhist ideas put into real practice.
Fear of Nature is hoisted to atop of all things.
They make huge offerings to monks in return for strength, protection, good livelihood, heath, wealth, and eternal life. When monks give talks, they chatter over the voices of the microphones. They never ask any questions, even when given opportunity, just believe it blindly and things will be fine… sound familiar? But when water blessing ceremony is given by the monks, they all pack into the tiny little rooms to catch a drop of blessed holy water.

This is very similar to “Oh my GOD… I’m scared of cancer!”
Where “GOD” stands for birth, old-age, sickness, death, fires, storms, tsunamis, lightning, thunder, flood, meteor striking planets, heaven, hell, happiness, love, fear, hatred, anxiety, depression, etc… both beautiful wonders & natural disasters alike.
So how unreligious & how unscientific would it be to say “I embrace GOD, but I’m afraid to die”?
Exactly you said it.

That’s Thailand.
And so was Egypt.

Fearing that the GODs (nature) would be angry in every occurrence of flood, lightning, thunder, fires, storms, etc… and that life would become difficult, they became more and more ritualistic and fearful of natural occurrences. Performing religious rituals as soon as they wake. Forget toothbrushing, that doesn’t extend you damn life. Forget taking a shite or washing the face, they’re all waste of time. Hell no… happiness first and suffering later.

Unfortunately misunderstanding nature, Universe or GOD if you might, will undoubtedly lead to suffering.

Some says God created demons… he didn’t. Universe is balanced. So balanced that it runs perfectly in harmonious mathematical precision. Such is called causality or Karma. The very operating system platform of any Universe. So just try creating GOOD… and see what happens. Conjure up heaven for example and… hell follows automatically.

Misunderstanding Nature, Universe (or GOD) will make you wanna be soooo good… you’d be soooo damn evil at the same time. Like Mayan, Incan, Rome & America. Isn’t it great?  All good things derail and go sideways.  Those who stay in the middle get front row seats to watch it all burn.




One Response to “Gods, Demons & the Middle”

  1. Nice post – fully agree with everything you said! My mum is reading “How civilisations choose to survive or fail” by Jared Diamond at the moment. She keeps telling me I should read it.. but it sounds like I agree with him already too!

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