An Inspiring Story

Hi everyone!
Just a story I want to share with youall!

One lady I met back in Aus…
She arrived at the temple all torn and broken.
Sat by the garden crying and wouldn’t talk to anyone.
We invited her to stay in the ladies’ dorm and offered her lunch but she wouldn’t accept any.
Later on she just vanished.
We had a feeling she’d committed suicide.

However, a year later she returned!
This time all joy and happy!
Completely changed.

I asked her what had happened and she told me about her job.
She’d gotten a job at a nursing home.
Watching people dying.

Crying in their death beds with their teary relatives by their sides, all waiting for the will to be finalised.
“Crying like pigs” she said.

Some lived their lives hating their parents and never got a chance to make it right.
Some hated their brothers and never offered their apologies because of their prides.
Some had relatives by their sides but all they could offer was more sadness.
Some relatives only cared about the inheritance.
They all died lonely and in longing.
A truly suffering end unprepared for.

So she decided to live simple.
Rented a tiny room under an old Italian man’s house.
An underground room blasted by the noise of the TV above.
To meditate on the images of lonely deaths she saw during the days.
And that was how she pulled through.

My Abbot wanted to chuck her out quickly when he first saw her (1 year back when she was a wreck)
But when he met her the 2nd time he couldn’t recognise her.
I had to tell him who she was and how she made it.

Even he was impressed.
Just thought I’d share this story with you.
Hoping you meet the walks of life and death guiding you to happiness.



4 Responses to “An Inspiring Story”

  1. I know her!

  2. I don’t remember her name.
    But you met her on the bush walk.

  3. I like this one PM. Happy Chinese New Year to you too (I don’t know if you celebrate it too there). Btw, how’s life in Thailand? Take care PM 🙂

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