Whispering to the Child

It was now or never… sitting in cross-legged position.  The mind too focused in one place… unintentionally focused.  Millions of thoughts passed by and mindfulness was no where to be found.

It was the 3rd day at my master’s temple up north of Thailand and I was fed with such automatic bliss energy from the place.  However, bliss isn’t light… quite the other way around, it was more like glue.

Fed up with this… I used the mind to remind itself.  “Dear my beloved child…” I was very polite and gentle.  “There are soooooo very few people in this goddamn suffering world who are awake.  So either you wake up and recognise what you are, or you can just burn in HELL!!!!!”


Immediately the auto-focus dimmed down.  Attention moved to the chest or about… still touching softly at the bliss but rather quite light & active now.

Eye movements in their sockets immediately recognised, thoughts came like arrays of mental movies, all instantly captured without stumbling in or paid further attenti0n to.  Flashes to faces, places, food, motion pictures, up-coming events, women wrestling in bikinies, things to do, people to annoy, more food, more bikinis, etc…

All recognised by the mind… recognised as states of nature, uable to remain in one state too long, suffering, dis-easing, uncontrollable, mind of its own, heavy & not me.

Mindfulness is the mind knowing itself.  It possesses all natural abilities of the mind; speed, attention spans, degradations, impermanence, suffering and not-self.  However, for it to exist willingly… there has to be reasons.

My reason?  I was fed up being conned by the mind.


2 Responses to “Whispering to the Child”

  1. I love when we can use the mind to untangle ourselves from its grip. I just might be borrowing your little soliloquy, though! Great post. And thank goodness you decided to go the wakefulness route. 🙂

  2. Thanks for comment!

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