The Five Aggregates


Speaking like a Serious Gamer…

The Five aggregates works like a PC (or Mac). There are hardware components like CPU, Memory, Hard Drives, USB ports, Communication Ports, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Camera, Cooling systems, etc… which when immediately put together seems like nothing works.  It is a complicated pile of junk, unable to function without several pieces of software.

The software components includes the Operating System, Device Drivers (which helps tie-up all the components together in a way the Operating System can understand), Programs (which helps control processing calculations, viruses and anti-viruses and gauge success and danger levels), etc…

And then there is the Gamer.



First Aggregate: Body
This includes all physical components such as CPU, Cameras, Microphones, Blood pump, Cooling sweat dispensers, Air filter, Oxygen purifier, Flavor and Smell detectors, Liquid filtration units, Food to energy converter, Waste processing and chemical extraction systems, as well as Universal input interfaces of Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue and Touch sensory systems.



Second Aggregate: Thought

Third Aggregate: Memory

Fourth Aggregate: Feelings

Fifth Aggregate: System Input Device Drivers for Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue & Touch


Like a working PC running various versions of Windows, Mac OS or Lynux, every machine has its limitations, but those limitations greatly depend on the Gamers themselves.

The Five Aggregates allows information to come together… to make the world REAL to a sentient gamer in an Eye-Ear-Nose-Tongue-Touch, Thought, Memory & Feeling Platform.
Learn more about it today and stay one-step-ahead of your game!



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