Equanimity in Compassion


Want to know what I do for a living? Apart from the usual dreaming, waking-up, breathing, talking, sitting, eating, thinking so on and so forth… tracking them down one-at-a-time in their pristine presence is what I do for a living. {The Five Aggregates may be choiceless, but mindfulness makes the choices. This practice is a matter of life and death for me.} But hey! Wanna know what I DO for fun? I set out for action!

I tag along with welfare groups… working with children under bridges, in slums, homeless people, etc… hearing them, listening to their problems, collecting information and producing outputs to suit their needs. That’s where the Hi-tech equipments come in handy. And what do I expect to gain out of it? N-o-t-h-i-n-g.

Far below the surface I understand that Karma divides us all. The path each person chooses in life produces a certain definite result in their lifestyles. In saying so… does this diminish all hopes for Human Rights? Nope. Do I wish for others to treat them differently? No. Do I hope for them to choose a different path in life? Never… it is entirely up to them. Similar to one who expects a worm to choose heaven instead of dung… each person’s perception of heaven is so varied that I choose not to bash my ideas and perceptions into others. That would be robbing them of their experiences, as well as my own.

So what the hell am I really? Just a nameless annoyance… walking around with an invisible “Annoying Officer” name tag? Yes… When a self praised email spamming dreamer on four megatons of weed proclaimed himself to be a Buddha. I decided to annoy him ‘till he cracked. Which didn’t take long, where his compassion leapt out the windows and never came back. Do I expect him to have more compassion? To learn from this lesson? To improve? To BECOME a more accepting person? Never… he’s already Good, balanced, funny, on death row, heading straight to hell and back. Already perfect.

And what about me? What do I expect from myself? To give and expect returns?  Nope.  To drill right down the core of Enlightenment?  Nadda.  To generate pointless idea after another?  Yes.  To waste oxygen?  Sure.  To pass the time by expertly annoying others while waiting for an exit from this game? Yes. I do however, expect my annoyance to come back and haunt me. It will happen naturally, it is nature. Do I try to evade this? Never.


Who the heck am I?
A serious Gamer… in an Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Touch, Thought, Memory & Feeling Platform.  Armed with an anti-virus program called Mindfulness, tracking down all
naturally occurring actions while keeping them inside certain guidelines.  Accepting all, including me which are all nature and part of Universe.  To finally cool down from struggling, dis-easing, restlessness, stresses and suffering.  And to no longer be conned by the the Mind or the Five Aggregates.  Do I expect anymore from me?  Not in this lifetime.


In Dhamma – A burning idea like the rest.
Phra Mick Ratanapanyo Bhikkhu.


2 Responses to “Equanimity in Compassion”

  1. Phra Mick,

    I think I know the insight that’s preventing you from enlightenment – It’s one I have already. Wanna know what it is?? Email me!


  2. Please share with us here…

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