No States too Long



Eyes cannot stay in one state longer than 4 seconds… they suffer… they change… by themselves.

In-breaths cannot linger in same state too long, they reach discomfort… they change… by themselves.

A $10,000 chair buys comfort, but that comfort cannot sustain comfortable for too long… it gets dis-easing… by itself.

itches will not hang in one condition too long… they struggle… they change… by themselves.

Postures cannot sustain a single condition too long… they stress… they must change… by themselves.

Attention cannot focus in one position too long… it jumps… by itself.

Knowing Mind cannot sustain in one subject too long… it ends… by itself.


The five aggregates of Body & Mind are naturally jumping, struggling, dis-easing, restless & stressful devices of suffering.  Not because they go against the streams of nature, but because they are NATURE.

Any Mind that realises its true nature will let go of itself.



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